Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Advice for Air Conditioners

Is AC Maintenance an annual requirement?  Can newer and high efficiency systems forgo check-ups each year? Are these questions you ask yourself every Spring? Here are some reasons it is very important regardless of age, efficiency or cleanliness of the outdoor unit that you get the maintenance done each year.

1.    Do you get your oil changed on your car regularly (or as recommended)?
Getting the oil changed on your car is extremely important in making sure the car runs correctly and it doesn’t cause long term damage to the engine. The same goes for your air conditioner. You spend a large amount of money when you have the air conditioner installed and it can last up to 15-20 years. Why damage it any earlier by not having it properly cleaned and maintained every year?

2.    Hoffmann Brothers does a full evaluation of both the heating and cooling system to make sure everything is working properly. Since the furnace and AC work together, it is important this time of year to check the air conditioning unit, but also the heating side. Bring anything that may be wearing to your attention so that you can plan and prepare.

3.    Annual Maintenance on your cooling system will help prolong the life of your system and will also keep your manufacturer warranties intact. Many don’t read the fine print on the hvac system they purchase, but maintenance is part of the warranty procedure.

To learn more about what Hoffmann Brothers does during an AC maintenance, visit our air conditioner maintenance page or schedule an appointment online here for a tech to come out!

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