Cool Comparisons: Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps + Air Handlers

Comparing Cooling Systems in Belleville

Belleville, IL households, facing an inevitable air conditioning meltdown have several cooling system options. In addition to an air conditioner, heat pumps and air handlers cool the average Belleville residential property, too. Hoffmann Brothers, an air conditioning contractor, differentiates how these cooling devices work.


Air Conditioning Units

It takes great energy to produce cool air. This is how air conditioning units work. While there are several high efficient air conditioning units, ACs generally consume greater energy resources.


The seasonal energy efficient rate (SEER) is important, as it accounts for an air conditioner’s energy savings. The greater the SEER is, the better the energy savings. An SEER of 20 is optimal for maximum energy savings. However, not all air conditioning units have this feature. Also, ozone safe refrigerant is a state and federal requirement for all air conditioning units.


Hoffmann Brothers makes house calls for air conditioning

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Heat Pumps

Contrary to the name, heat pumps cool and warm the home. Because it is more energy efficient to transfer heat, than it is to make it, heat pumps are by far more energy efficient than an air conditioning unit.


In the summer, heat pumps reverse engineer the heat transfer process. Relying on a condensing process, heat pumps collect outdoor air, capturing coolness to transfer indoors. Heat pumps also provide humidity removal.


A variable speed fan motor distributes an even chill from room to room; and, sans the noise associated with many air conditioning systems. Heat pumps, by American Standard use refrigerants that are suitable for the ozone.


Conditioning the air in two stages, heat pumps utilize duo compressors. This feature typically functions at a 50% capacity, a remarkable energy savings.


Air Handlers

Air handlers are energy efficient because these units drastically lower air leakage, a common problem with standard air conditioning units. This benefit alone reduces condensation, another component of humidity.


A high efficiency coil contributes another layer of energy savings on the air handler. “We recommend air handlers by American Standard. These systems are comprised of a high efficiency coil, a variable-speed drive blower and a few other features, which make for an energy savings, cooling system,” asserts a representative of the Belleville, IL air conditioning contractor.


Whether it’s to repair an air conditioning system, install a new air handler, or upgrade your system to a heat pump, Hoffmann Brothers welcomes house calls from Belleville IL residents 24-7.

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