Air Handlers

Hoffmann Brothers offers a great selection of Air Handlers for your St Louis area home. Air Handlers are great to be installed in home with attics. There are many St Louis residents who have air handlers in their homes, and when it comes time to replace these air handler systems, make sure to call a contractor who is familiar with them like Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. Request a bid through our online form or call us at (314) 664-3011.

Air Handlers St Louis, MO

We can install any type of air handler in your St Louis home that would be best fit for your comfort and needs. The air handlers that Hoffmann Brothers installs are not only variable speed, but are designed to drastically reduce air leakage, which is turns helps prevent energy loss and virtually eliminates condensation.  Our Air Handlers run quietly while keeping the temperatures even from room to room. To get a free estimate from one of our comfort advisors call us at (314) 664-3011 or request a bid on line here.

Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning St Louis

Air Conditioning systems come in so many shapes, sizes, and types. Air Handlers are just one of the many types of air conditioners you can install in your home. Hoffmann Brothers wants to ensure that you get the most comfortable system for the size and area of your home. Make sure to sit down and discuss all your options with our Comfort Advisors before just purchasing a new air conditioner for your home. If you are interested in a new air conditioning systems, you can always look into Hoffmann Brothers financing options. We also offer many rebates and incentives towards a new Air Handler. Call us today to find out more information at (314) 664-3011 or contact us through our website.