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    Seven Statements by Edwardsville IL Mechanical Engineer

    Sometimes Edwardsville, IL households need more than an HVAC tune up to quell energy losses in the home. Leaky air ducts are responsible for more than a third of a home’s annual heat loss. Robert Hoffmann the founder and owner of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling fills in the blanks on heating an Edwardsville home.

    Incompatible heating differences happen when some old and new heating systems are unable to maintain the target proper temperature. The cause is often due to a leaky air duct.

    Leaky air ducts are tantamount to tossing money out the window. Working against

    the furnace’s energy efficiency, a leaking air duct is counterproductive to any homeowner’s goal to reduce monthly energy consumption.

    The one service we don’t provide is air duct cleaning. However, we do seal leaky

    air ducts.

    The best air duct sealant is mastic or an Aeroseal’s duct sealing technology. Since

    most air quality problems are triggered by a faulty air duct.

    When an annual heating maintenance is not enough: ill-sized air ducts and the type of sealant used to avert a leaky air duct both can contribute to heat loss. Inevitably, Edwardsville homeowners pay extortionate annual energy costs when heating and cooling systems are losing air via the air duct system.

    It’s one of the reasons that Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling utilizes a comprehensive checklist to conduct seasonal maintenance on every Edwardsville household’s heating system.

    What industry insiders are saying about air duct leaks? Chief architect of the Building Technologies Office in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Sam Rashkin contends that most home’s comfort systems lose an estimated 30-40 percent of energy via travel through the air ductwork.

    For a precise diagnosis for your heating or air duct system in Edwardsville < please add this URL address to your favorites.

    East St. Louis Heating a Home with Care

    Refer to these health and safety tips, provided by East St. Louis heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.

    Clear the Air.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) anticipates higher flu rates this winter season because the H3N2 influenza strain has mutated, rendering vaccinations to be less effective. To combat the spread of microbes, remember to turn the humidifier to the proper setting and change air filters, as instructed by your furnace’s manufacturer.

    Poor indoor air quality not only promotes the spread of microbes, but also triggers other unruly health conditions. Dry, itchy skin generally indicates an arid environment. Turn up a humidifier to retain warmth generated by the furnace, heat pump, and other heating system.

    Once your home has a good balance of humidity and comfort, remember to make regular air filter replacements to remove dust mites, fine particles and other airborne contaminants from recycling through the home.  


    Maintain the Heating System.

    Even though the heating system is nothing to decorate or really think about, any East St. Louis home that uses a gas furnace, needs an annual check up. Each year, home explosions are frequently the outcome of poorly maintained furnaces, boilers and other heating systems. These combustive and pressurized qualities necessitate annual maintenance to ensure safety as well as energy efficiency.

    Dial 314.664.3011 to schedule heating maintenance in East St. Louis.

    Deploy Fire Prevention.

    Fires and falling accidents account for the greatest household emergencies during the

    ‘season to be jolly’. Specifically, candles, Christmas trees and other flammable holiday decorations attribute to the highest incident rate during the holiday season. A few basic tenets could help prevent the chances of a negative event.

    ü  Place the Christmas tree away from heating ducts, fireplaces, and portable heating systems.

    ü  Water influences the health of any real Christmas tree. Many natural trees may need a glass of water in the morning and before bed, or at least everyday.

    ü  If you’re going on vacation for more than 72-hours, remember to put a gas storage water heater on the vacation mode or shut it off completely. (A hot water heater can become combustive when the unit is not in use.)

    ü  Keep candles out of reach of children and far away from garland, paper products and anything flammable.

    Hoffmann Brothers wishes the residents of East St. Louis a safe and happy holiday!

    Add our link> to your address book.

    Your home’s heating system offers a reservoir of warmth and energy efficiency. It’s all in how Creve Coeur homeowners utilize the home’s heating components to influence warmth. Hoffmann Brothers, a highly reputable heating contractor, reviews solutions to promote energy savings.


    Renewable Energy

    Geothermal heat pumps garner as much as 70 percent a year in energy costs associated with heating and cooling a home. If energy costs continue to dwindle in Creve Coeur, a home conditioned by a geothermal heating and cooling system could pay next to nothing in annual expenditures.

    Heating system

    To yield the greatest energy efficiency from your home’s heating and cooling system; maintain an annual tune up schedule. A comfort system loses 5 percent of its energy efficiency for each year it foregoes a checkup. Not to mention, most furnaces start at AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) air below an 85 percent AFUE.

    Note: A monthly air filter replacement assures three benefits: Namely, regular replacements improve indoor air quality, promote energy efficiency on the home’s comfort system while extending the life of the heating system.

    >> Fireplace

    Whether your Creve Coeur household uses a wood-burning heat or a gas-burning fireplace, some of these heat-generating appliances may complement warmth depending on your home’s layout or architecture.

    >> Programmable thermostat

    Reduce energy consumption by setting a programmable thermostat, according to when everyone is home. During the day, when most Creve Coeur residential properties are vacant, reduce the thermostat by two to five degrees for the greatest energy savings.

    If your Creve Coeur abode does not have a programmable thermostat, the ENERGY STAR ® program recommends selecting units according to your household’s typical activity schedule.

    Please see this page on programmable thermostats features

    >> Winter humidifier settings

    A humidifier helps the average Creve Coeur household retain warmth. According to a report published by Elizabeth Baier of the Mayo Clinic, one researcher found that raising the humidifier up to 60 percent reduced the spread of virus by more than 25 percent. Additional findings of the humidity study are on this audible report:

    Adjust the humidifier setting between 20 and 55 for the best heat retention.

    And for a fuss free humidifier installation in Creve Coeur dial (314) 664-3011.

    Crestwood MO Heating Contractor Talks Safety

    Although most holiday celebrations are focused on food, family and the community, safety is an under-rated topic that shouldn’t be ignored. Missouri state fire marshal, Randy Cole reports that fires, caused by heating systems, are primarily responsible for the growing number of conflagrations over the winter months.

    Holiday decorations and cooking fires are among the other leading fire-related devastations, according National Fire Protection Association.

    Decorate smart.

    Set candles with care, out of reach from small children and far away from holiday decorations susceptible to fire. Because some candles are drippier than others, be sure to place a plate under the base to capture any hot wax.

    Decorating idea: How to prevent a candle wax trail. Instead of burning a whole large candle, let it burn until there's enough space to place a votive candle in the concave space. Place a quarter over the large candle's wick. Next, place a votive candle in the spot and illuminate.

    Attend to comfort.

    Employ fireplace, hearth and chimney safety basics. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and never employ cardboard or use a liquid fuel to kindle any interior fireplace.

    Don't overlook a Crestwood home’s heating system, furnace or boiler. When comfort systems are not in use, parts loosen, crack and become embedded with debris. Gas fueled comfort systems are combustive by nature, the same is true of boilers. To ensure that your heating system is warming the home, hazard free and efficiently—schedule a tune up before the holiday.

    Hoffmann Brothers Heating garners an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau St. Louis and is the preferred heating and cooling contractor serving residents of Crestwood. (314) 664-3011

    Fun Factoid:

    In recent news, The city of Crestwood joined five other Missouri organizations, including the Missouri Department of Public Safety (DPS), Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP), The National Weather Service (NWS) as well as the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), on the designation of Winter Weather Awareness Day. (November 19, 2014). Please visit

    Infuse natural scents.

    Instead of burning incense, opt for an organic infusion. Slowly brew a covered pot of

    cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels in water. Once the concoction starts to boil uncover the pot, releasing the aromatic scent. (This trick offsets dry air also)                                                      

    Stage real Christmas trees away from heating vents, fireplaces and other flammable items. Keep organic evergreen trees hydrated, pour 1 to 2 cups of water in the tree stand daily.

    If your Crestwood home needs a furnace repair or a heating check up, please use our coupon for an extra savings this winter.

    Every year, gas explosions morph American homes into flames. “Even though gas furnaces are engineered with several safety features, many of these conflagrations could be prevented with an annual preventative heater tune up,” states a heating contractor of St. Louis City (StL).

    A cracked heat exchanger is not the type of heating repair that’s obvious to the average StL City homeowner. This is the primary reason a yearly check up on the furnace can be lifesaving. Because the combustive nature of a cracked heat exchanger, St. Louis City residents should turn off any furnace with cracks running along the heat exchanger and schedule heating maintenance immediately,” forewarns a heating contractor licensed in St. Louis.

    For added protection and precautionary measures, place a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your St. Louis home,” advises Robert Hoffmann, founder of the Hoffmann Brothers heating contractor St. Louis.

    How the heat exchanger of your gas furnace operates?

    The heat exchanger is responsible for keeping fumes away from the gas flue and ventilation system. Housed in a clam-shaped, metal chamber a heat exchanger collects gas combustion from the burner, transferring heat into its metal walls. Once cooled, the heat exchanger ultimately exports the combustive effects out of the home.

    How does a heat exchanger become cracked?

    If there is a venting problem, a cracked heat exchanger transpires on both new and old furnaces. The natural reaction between combustion gas and metal oftentimes promotes rusting, particularly in an aging furnace. When this corrosion sets in a furnace, replacement is the inevitable remedy to the problem. For the most part a cracked heat exchanger is common on aging heating systems and furnaces over the age of 12.

    On a newer furnace, corrosion is susceptible if the exhaust is improperly vented. Even if the cracks are minuscule, these fissures have the ability to gape to the point where the heat exchanger expands when the furnace is at the most intense heating cycle. Hence, a cracked heat exchanger will ultimately leak combustion gas out of the furnace cabinet if not repaired or replaced.

    Claim this savings on your next heating service house call in St. Louis City.

    "We know that reducing energy heating and cooling costs to keep the home comfortable isn’t the only method for being environmentally responsible in St. Louis City. Recycling and minimizing waste helps the local and national ecological system. November 15th happens to be America Recycles Day. We compiled a checklist of recommendations, pertaining to recycling," announces a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling.

    Recycling Factoids to Know

    ü  St. Louis County waste department says that the value of one aluminum can is the equivalent to halfway filling the same can with gasoline and then spilling it on the ground.

    ü  Glass can be recycled endlessly.

    ü  Paper fibers, such as cardboard and packaged food boxes contain 100 percent recycled fibers.

    ü  Most paper goods can be recycled about seven times, prior to being too small to recycle.

    How to Recycle in St. Louis?

    Invest in a separate recycling bin for everyday goods, such as plastic milk cartons, soda cans, cardboard, plastic shopping bags, empty household cleaning bottles, etcetera.

    Plastic, aluminum and glass are the accepted materials at most recycle centers in St. Louis City.

    Donate gently used clothing to a local shelter, church or thrift store.

    Familiarize yourself with the local recycling drop-off centers in St. Louis City.

    A Hoffmann Brothers Heating Contractor says: Remember to recycle lights and batteries responsibly. At Tilles Park in St. Louis, local residents are invited to recycle nonworking and old Christmas lights from November 27th - January 1st. Recycling is conveniently located at the: Winter Wonderland | Tilles Park 9551 Litzinger Road | St. Louis, MO 63124.

    (*After the holidays (Jan 2-17), recycled Christmas lights can be deposited at Tilles Park in the barrel by the playground restroom).  

    Read more on recycling in St. Louis City and County here

    3) Try to purchase products packaged with the iconic recycle sign.

    4) Consider waste reduction by composting things like coffee beans, eggs and other perishable foods.

    Watch this video on how to recycle properly in St. Louis City

    YouTube Recycling

    Add your favorite recycling tips to our Facebook page.

    Heating a home is an unavoidable expense in Collinsville IL. Utility bills account for one-third of the average American household’s expenditures. Yet, managing energy costs comes easy with the right strategy. Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling experts reveal how to manage heating utility and maintenance costs.


    Basic Energy Saving Tactics in Collinsville IL

    If your Collinsville IL home has older windows where air is leaking in, apply a clear plastic application to block out cold drafts, which cause the heating system to operate longer and harder. Also, many energy advocates advise filling up cracks and other air leaks with an appropriate sealant.

    Heating Tune up / Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance on the home’s heating system affords three critical purposes for a Collinsville IL home.

    1) Foremost, preventative maintenance ensures that your home’s heating system is safe to warm the home.

    2) Heating systems using a fossil fuel, in particular, call for an annual check up to clean debris and tighten connections.

    (314) 664-3011 is the number for reliable heating service in Collinsville, IL.

    3) A heating system’s performance influences its energy efficiency. A heating check up fine tunes the heating system, making it operate like a well-oiled machine.

    Programmable Thermostat

    Programmable thermostats are helping Collinsville I homeowners manage utility costs. When the home is vacant during the day, lowering the temperature by five degrees saves 5 percent of the home’s monthly heating expenses.

    An outmoded heating system (generally 12 years and older) is incapable of complementing energy efficiency. Overtime, these aging heater units give way. Beat a heater replacement before it releases its last breath of warm air.  

    Consumer buying tip:

    When shopping for a new furnace or heating system, compare the annual fuel utilization efficiency rate (AFUE). Consider heater systems and furnaces with a minimum of 85 AFUE.

    For heating system replacements, repairs, and energy efficient solutions, Hoffmann Brothers is the preferred heating contractor for Collinsville IL homeowners.


    “It’s completely unnecessary to fret over harmful air particles affecting your children. With the right air cleaning system, removing airborne contaminants from your Clayton household is hassle-free,” imparts a heating contractor, licensed in Clayton, Missouri.

    What does an air cleaner do?

    Air cleaners address several indoor air quality issues. Primarily, an air cleaner removes fine particulate matter associated with triggering an allergic reaction, asthmatic episode, or respiratory distress.


    Types of Air Cleaners to Consider in Clayton

    Air cleaner technology includes an UV germicidal light, electronic precipitator ion generator, and whole-house air cleaners.

    ü  Indoor air quality is not only applicable to a comfortable, cozy or chilled environment. Airborne contaminants trigger asthmatic attacks and other respiratory related health conditions. A UV germicidal light exterminates biological contaminants by interrupting mutation.

    Yet, despite a UV germicidal light’s ability to eradicate airborne contaminants, the air cleaning devices do not have the capacity to filter out microbes. This is a primary reason that Hoffmann Brothers heating contractors advise Clayton homeowners to invest in an air cleaner in addition to a UV germicidal light.

    For an exacting air cleaner installation, hire a licensed heating contractor in Clayton.

    ü  An electronic precipitator works by utilizing electricity to capture and charge particles in the air. The scientific process draws particle matter into an ion section where the contaminants remain entrapped on a metal plate.

    ü  An ion generator is an air cleaning technology. It works by scattering ions into the air, charging those particles and then settling on surfaces throughout the home. As a result, it is not as effective as whole-house air cleaning systems.

    ü  In Clayton, a whole-home air filter system is compatible with most homes’ current heating and cooling systems. An air cleaner using both an electrically enhanced air filtration technology and a media cleaner afford the best indoor air quality for your home.

    Learn more about improving your Clayton home’s indoor air quality, when you visit any of the following resource pages:




    Heating Contractor Prescribes Healthy IAQ Tips

    Heating contractor: “In Brentwood MO, the autumn season emanates falling leaves, harvest time and the beginning of flu season. Resident heating and cooling specialist offers some words of advice on breathing healthy indoor air this fall.”

              Facts on the flu: Seasonal reports show that the flu affects 5 to 20 percent of                   the U.S. population, annually. The contagious respiratory ailment lasts up to two      weeks, as documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                 (CDC).

    5 Tactics to Avert the Flu In Brentwood MO

    The following tips are rudimentary steps on flu prevention.


    Ü Bacteria and germs thrive on surfaces for several hours. Clean hands after touching any public fixtures. For the best sanitation practices, lather hands for at least 30 seconds before rinsing in hot water.

    Ü In the car, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy.

    Ü When family members, roommates and other occupants catch the flu, try to keep your distance for the first 48-hours, when the virus is most contagious.

    Ü Use an antibacterial cleaner on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom to eradicate microbes.

    Some medical experts of the CDC recommend a flu vaccination for young children, starting at six months.

    A clean indoor air quality plays a vital role in a healthy home environment. Various strains of influenza (the flu) have the ability to trigger other chronic ailments, such as dehydration, an ear or sinus infection or bacterial pneumonia.

    Ü A flu vaccination isn’t the only approach on preventing contagious viruses spreading this winter season in Brentwood. Poor air circulation poses another factor to clean air quality. Airborne contaminants settle on many of the working parts of a Brentwood MO home’s heating system. Change the heating system’s filter every 30 days.

    Why annual heating maintenance matters in Brentwood?

    “We also advise annual preventative maintenance on the heating system. Our heating check ups provide three critical benefits: safety, clean indoor air quality and energy savings. During the warm months in Brentwood, MO when the heating system is dormant, debris collects on parts, clogging air paths and triggering allergic reactions,” declares a spokesperson of a heating company licensed in Brentwood.

    Have a safe and healthy fall!

    Let us help you breathe cleaner indoor air quality this season, when you dial 314-664-3011 for a heating check up in Brentwood.



    Earlier this year when Mayor Tim Pogue and eight aldermen signed a resolution to uphold life quality in Ballwin MO without raising costs for residents, the move signaled that municipal authorities acknowledge Ballwin families continue to face financial constraints.

    With the holiday season approaching in Ballwin, MO, many homeowners and residents share the same objective: stretch the household budget.  A preferred heating contractor accommodates the frugal mindset with several cost saving deals. From a heating system check up to vacation rewards to a new heating and cooling system, preferred heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers is doling out several deals.

    Heating Maintenance on a Discount

    "Although we're no financial experts, our experience shows that Ballwin residents' household expenditures are directly linked to your family's health, and heating and cooling expenditures. To offset the cost of managing your home's heating costs, we recommend an annual heating system check up. Preventative maintenance on the home’s comfort system affords numerous advantages. Extending the life of your heating system, a tune up offers safety, energy efficiency and good indoor air quality," prescribes an engineer employed at Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling. 

    Save $30 on your next preventative maintenance call for your heating system at Hoffman Bros Heating & Air Conditioning.

    Stay Warm, Then Travel

    Is a vacation incentive enough to upgrade to a high efficient heating and cooling system? If so, for a short time, when Hoffmann Brothers HVAC contractor installs an American Standard heating system, the offer below includes a $1200 value travel voucher form American Airlines.american getaway pic

    Claim this incentive while supplies last.

    Sanitize your Ballwin home’s air supply.

    Allergens, dust mites and flu season are all the more reason to protect your home’s air quality with an air cleaner. Stop the spread of air borne contaminants by replacing the furnace’s air filter at least every 30 days. allergy pic

    Please dial 314.664.3011 to redeem a deal on your next home air cleaning system.

    Save twice.

    With Hoffmann Brothers heating contractors, save on the service call and your monthly heating bill.





    Heating Contractor: Home Safety

    October 5 through 9 is National Fire Protection Awareness Week. Ballwin's preferred heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers, offers fire safety advice, facts and recommendations.

    Fire Facts + Statistics

    >> Fire loss attributes to at least $6 billion in direct damage every year.

    >> From 2007 to 2011, U.S. home fires assumed seven lives per day on average.

    >> In the U.S. smoking, cooking, and heating systems represent the top three causes of home fires.

    >> Heating equipment has been implicated as the second highest cause of home fires and home fire injuries.

    Source: National Fire Prevention Administration (NFPA)

    QUOTE: "Safety first has always been our motto for heating and cooling service. Belleville, IL homeowners have been relying on our dependable service for more than four decades," shares a customer service representative of Hoffmann Brothers HVAC company.  

    How to Protect Your Belleville IL Home from Fire


    Use detection systems. Smoke alarms. Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Check the batteries every three months. Sixty percent of the deaths caused by residential property fires happened in homes where there was no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm. Experts recommend hard-wired alarms over battery powered.

    Carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is an odorless toxin that can lead to a variety of negative outcomes: toxic poisoning, explosion and death. Install a carbon monoxide detector if your Belleville IL home does not already have one. Check the detector at the beginning of each season to ensure it is in good working order.

    Insurance policy. Invest in a homeowner's insurance policy sufficient enough to cover building a new home in Belleville, IL. Also, the Firewise foundation recommends maintaining a photo inventory of your valuables.

    Heating maintenance. Heat appliance failure is among the top three causes of residential fires in America. Furnaces and other heater parts need an annual inspection for safety, performance and energy efficiency.

    Save on your next heating service call in Belleville, IL when you redeem a coupon from Hoffmann Brothers’ website.

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    Serving the residents of Arnold for more than three-decades, Hoffmann Brothers helps keep your home warm and toasty.

    An extremely harsh winter has not been ruled out in Arnold this coming season. The Farmer's Almanac indicates a return of the polar vortex. Residents could face another extremely cold winter. Regardless, if temperatures dip below freezing, every Arnold household may prepare for the upcoming winter with three straightforward approaches.

    FYI: With Hoffmann Brothers as your selectively appointed heating contractor in Arnold, it's completely unnecessary to run the fireplace; unless you want to--of course."

    Tune it.

    A home's comfort depends on a reliable heating system. The performance of your heating system hinges on its age and how well it has been maintained. ENERGY STAR (R) reports that a furnace and other components lose 5 percent of their energy efficiency for every year it foregoes a tune up.

    Aside from the heating system losing its energy efficiency and the performance becoming unreliable, a poorly maintained heating system poses a danger to an Arnold

    resident's household. Any heating appliance powered by natural gas or other fossil fuels comprises combustive characteristics.

    Lesson 1: Schedule a tune-up sooner, rather than later.

    Insider tip: "Tune-ups represent an intelligent approach to prevent a failing heating system when it's 23 degrees outside. Not to mention our heating tune-ups are quite affordable.

    Beat the heating repair rush in Arnold, dial 314-664-3011 to schedule a tune-up. Please visit our Coupon Page for an extra savings

    Protect it.

    At Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of safety. The National Fire Protection Association - NFPA reports that home heating fires peak between the months of December, January and February.

    In addition to fire risks, furnaces can emit carbon monoxide CO poisoning, which is fatal. These tragic situations are usually preventable with a tune-up and a working carbon monoxide detector.

    Save it.

    There is speculation that if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) institutes stricter laws, energy companies will increase rates. Nevertheless, why pay more on your Arnold home's energy costs than necessary.

    A heating tune-up entails cleaning, tightening, tuning and replacing faulty parts of the furnace and other heater components. These aspects of preventative maintenance promote the heating system's energy efficiency. Without a tune-up, the heating system runs longer to keep the home warmer.

    Let us accommodate your home's warmth, safety and energy saving this winter. Please dial 314.664-3011 for the best heating service in Arnold.

    Kindling an Energy Savings in Alton, IL.

    Alton, IL. homeowners need not upgrade to a new heating system to curtail energy costs this winter. “Four fundamental fixes help boost your home’s energy savings,” recommends a heating contractor.

    Dust serves as a nemesis in most Alton, IL. households. Because dust mites impede clean air quality, these particles collect on the furnace’s or heating system’s filter, creating an obstruction. As a result, an Alton IL home’s heating system works double time to maintain warmth causing higher energy bills.

    The fix: Replace the air filter every 30 to 45 days. This tactic alone helps extend the life of your heating system.

    Alton, IL. Heating Insider

    Hoffmann Brothers HVAC Company garners a reputation for being the preferred heating contractor, serving Alton, IL.

    In some Alton, IL. households occupancy fluctuates. During the day, open window dressings (blinds, curtains, shutters, etc.) where sun exposure is available and reduce the temperature on your thermostat by four to five degrees.


    The fix: Install a programmable thermostat or program yours to yield a one percent savings for each degree reduced.

    ENERGY SAVINGS Heating Intelligence:

    The U.S. Department of Energy claims that for every year a furnace or heating system goes without a tune up, it loses 5 percent of its energy efficiency.

    For a fast, fuss-free, programmable thermostat installation, call Hoffmann Brothers, 314.664.3011.


    Throughout the home air leaks in through tiny cracks, door gaps, and windows, working against the heater’s warmth.

    The fix: Inspect your Alton, IL. home for leaks and drafty spots, then use the appropriate application to seal off those leaks.

    Heating systems consist of combustive elements, especially fossil fuel furnaces. Because of loose connections and debris accumulation, a heating tune-up ensures that the heating system is performing safely and at its highest energy efficiency possible.

    The fix: Schedule a heating tune-up or preventative maintenance to extend the life of your heating system. An annual check up also boosts a heating system’s energy efficiency.


    Please mention this discount > < on your next heater service call in Alton, IL.

    Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, a heating and cooling contractor serving the residents of Chesterfield, reviews the latest news in Chesterfield.

    Last Call for Summer AC Tune Ups in Chesterfield

    On Facebook, Hoffmann Brothers issued a reminder to its club members, who have not had a seasonal air conditioner tune-up. September 30th marks the deadline to schedule an AC tune-up with Chesterfield’s preferred air-conditioning company.

    FYI: “Hoffmann Brothers membership comes with many cool and hot savings. Become a service club memberships for the VIP treatment, here >>

    Budweiser Taste of St. Louis Celebrates 10th Year

    Voted St. Louis’ ‘best food event.’ by St. Louis Magazine, the Budweiser Taste of St. Louis starts on Friday September 19 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. This year, culinary presentations by celebrity chef Tyler Florence and pastry chef, Duff the Ace of Cakes is among the feature attractions at the event’s 10th year, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Jeremiah Johnson, The Urge, and Dirty Muggs, will perform live!

    Live performances by host of bands perform free at the Chesterfield Amphitheater.

    In the way of delectable, more than 30 of the region’s best restaurants will be serving up their signature dishes. Please visit, for

    FACTOID: Hoffmann Brothers administered services on Budweiser’s mechanical system.

    Chesterfield Heating Company Issues Employee Search

    As Hoffmann Brothers approaches its busiest season, the heating company is recruiting qualified HVAC installation and service technicians. Chesterfield’s preferred heating and cooling contractor has a low turnover rate. Even though the company has a selective employment process, most employees have been with the company for at least five years. Please complete this employment application to apply for a position.

    Hoffmann Brothers is highly reputable among heating and cooling contractors in Chesterfield.

    Preparing for a Frosty Winter in Chesterfield

    As the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the Farmer’s Almanac predict another extremely cold winter, Hoffmann Brothers heating company advises resident in and near Chesterfield to schedule preventative maintenance on the furnace, boiler and other heating season, sooner than later.

    “Our heater tune-up promote safety, comfort and an energy savings,” shares a spokesperson, of the heating company licensed in Chesterfield.

    Please visit for additional details.

    Around Affton, autumn is a much welcomed reprieve from the summer’s muggy temperatures. As summer ends on September 21st, a few tasks transition preparations for the autumn in Affton. Seven task’s around the home beckon

    Clean the gutters.

    A clogged gutter can wreak havoc on any Affton residential property, from roof damage to mold growth. Avert any unnecessary mishaps by clearing up your home’s gutters, using a tall ladder, garbage bag, hanger and safety equipment.

    Make touch ups.

    Caulk windows and doors where air leaks are countering heater. If the deck is looking worn, and you don’t plan to redesign it for next year, put a slab of wood protectant to whether the snowy and rainy seasons. If paint is peeling on your home’s exterior, add a layer of primer to stunt the chipping process over the winter months.

    Attend to the greenery.

    Fertilize trees and shrubbery in preparation of the winter. Remove any weed growth, clip perennials, and bushes.

    Store away patio furniture.

    To prevent corrosion, wear and tear, relocate patio furniture indoors to a dry environment. Modify timers.

    If your home’s exterior lighting fixtures are on a timer, adjust the on time by an hour and a half to account for the shorter days.

    Schedule other household repairs. From the furnace, water heater to water lines, be sure to schedule all tune ups before the winter season sets in. The Farmer’s Almanac and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting another extreme winter season in Affton A dependable heating system is needed to whether another polar vortex winter.

    “Right now, we’re offering special discounts on preventative maintenance for the heating system. We have coupons and other special deals on heating service in Affton,” divulges a customer service representative of the Affton heating service provider.

    Stop by Hoffmann Heating’s web site to learn more about heater maintenance in Affton (

    Contact Hoffmann Brothers to schedule preventative maintenance 314) 664-3011.

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    Wildwood Heating Contractor Talks Maintenance

    Cold temperatures are something that most Wildwood residents don’t want to think about as the summer winds down. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts another record cold winter for the Midwest. Skyrocketing fuel costs coupled with another polar vortex—means higher heating costs. Whether your Wildwood home’s heating system needs preventative maintenance or a furnace replacement, here’s what to know:

    Go with a simple checkup.

    If your home’s furnace malfunctioned, the previous season, a winter checkup is in order for safety purposes and to augment energy efficiency. Not to mention, a heating maintenance check up prepares your home’s heating system to whether the chilliest wintry days.


    Heating systems need annual maintenance to uphold its performance, energy efficiency and safety. In other words, furnace and split-level heating systems lose 5% of its energy efficiency each year.

    Determine if your Wildwood home needs a new heating system?

    Answer yes or no the following questions:

    Has the heating system been providing warmth without winter energy bills going up?

    Has the heating system maintained an annual cleaning schedule?

    Does the home’s furnace or boiler provide an annual fuel utilization efficiency of at least 80%?

    Is the Wildwood’s home’s furnace, or boiler under 11 years of age?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to at least three or more of questions, your Wildwood home most likely does not need a new heating system. However, if you answered ‘no’ to at least two questions, a replacement may be in order.

    For all < heating house calls in Wildwood, please dial 314 664-3011

    Aging, heating systems lose their energy efficiency over 12 or more years. And if the heating system has a poor maintenance history, the energy efficiency will decrease dramatically.

    Four basic factors determine whether to replace a furnace:

    An aging furnace (11+plus years).

    Annual fuel utilization efficiency. (The US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency mandate that heating systems provide at least 80 F AFUE).

    A heating system showing inconsistent performance is often the warning sign that a replacement is imminent. If your energy bills were increasing last year, don’t expect them to decrease anytime soon.

    Hire a heating contractor, who is licensed in Wildwood

    For decades, Hoffmann Brothers has been providing preventative maintenance, furnace and heating system replacements for Wildwood homeowners. Please redeem this coupon on your next house call.

    Redeem a coupon

    Claim a discount on your next heating repair or replacement service in Wildwood         


    Ductless heating systems afford numerous advantages for the Webster Groves household, facing an HVAC system replacement this fall. Hoffmann Brother’s Heating and Cooling identifies seven facts and reasons for Webster Groves homeowners to consider:

    Because ductless mini split systems condition both hot and cool air, these heating and cooling systems go by a few monikers: a ductless heating system, ductless cooling system and or a ductless system.

    For an entire Webster Groves household, a ductless heating system can be used as an alternative to a ducted system.

    Functioning comparable to a heat pump, ductless systems cycle refrigerant between an indoor and outdoor unit. In the heat mode, an indoor coil assumes the role of condenser and the outdoor unit acts as an evaporator. When the ductless heating system is in the cooling mode, its coils switch refrigerant responsibilities, absorbing and releasing functions (between liquid and gaseous states).

    The underlying difference between a ductless cooling system and a standard split heat pump is the indoor unit layout. The split heat pump has one indoor unit versus the multiple indoor units, contained by the blower fan and refrigerant coil of the ductless system.

    With a ductless system, there are multiple indoor units that contain a blower fan and a refrigerant coil.   Individual power and refrigerant lines connect each room’s blowers to the outdoor cabinet of the ductless heating system.

    Please contact Hoffmann Brother heating and cooling to determine if a ductless system installation is suitable for your Webster Groves’ property.

    A ductless heating system appeals to a household looking to curtail energy costs. Because these systems do not rely on duct systems to condition air, there is less energy loss. Hence, ductless systems are quite efficient, directly generating air to each room.

    Control flexibility represents another redeeming feature on a ductless heating system. Controlled by each room or a thermostat, household occupants have the ability to manage warmth and coolness according to his or her personal preference. Not to mention, for an added energy savings, a ductless system allows Webster Groves homeowners to shutdown heating or cooling in certain rooms.

    During operation, many Webster Groves homeowners rave about the ductless system’s quietness.

    If you’re interested in a reliable ductless system installation, or financing options, please visit Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling at



    Hoffmann Brothers encourages University City residents to observe National Preparedness awareness month, this September.

    If your University City household does not have an emergency disaster plan, September is a good month to develop a contingency blueprint and emergency kit," endorses safety advocate, Robert Hoffmann.

    “As the owner of a heating and cooling company, I preach to my employees the importance of safety, specifically on house calls," shares Mr. Hoffmann, who is also owner and founder of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling.

    1) Start with an emergency kit if your home does not already have one.

    • What are the contents of an emergency kit?Flashlights, batteries, an emergency (solar) crank radio kit with solar, food supplies for two weeks, a hazmat mask, maps, one to two gallons of water a day per person, hand sanitizer and other emergency goods.
    • Does your home have a lower level room, void of windows? During a tornado watch, meteorologists recommend that people seek shelter in subterranean spaces.
    • What is the evacuation route from your home in the event of a flood, tornado or other disaster?
    • Where should the occupants of your home meet in the event of an evacuation? Select a church or another public landmark to have family members converge in the event of a crisis.
    • Remember to test fire detectors and carbon monoxide testers.
    • “Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning systems call for annual inspections to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other combustive scenarios,” urges Robert Hoffmann, founder and owner of Hoffmann Brothers.

    2) The next step of the emergency preparation is developing a plan of action. Refer to the following checklist to create an emergency plan for your University City household.

    3) Several other household tests can ready your home for a crisis or prevent a tragedy.

    4) Try to keep an emergency stash of cash. Figure $150 per family occupant

    5) For additional tips on being ready for an emergency

    For the best heating and cooling service in University City, add this URL address to your favorites Share your safety tips, photos and videos on our Facebook page


    A ductless installation affords a flexible option for heating and cooling a Town and Country household.

    What characterizes a ductless mini split heat pump's energy savings?

    Energy savings transpire for two primary reasons with a ductless system. The first is that a ductless mini split heat pump directly supplies each room with conditioned air, eliminating the energy losses associated with a ventilation shaft. Moreover, a ductless heating and cooling system enables end users an ability to adjust temperatures where and as needed throughout the home.

    Noteworthy: Ductless heating systems also go by the moniker: ductless mini split heat pumps.

    Does ductless mini split heat pumps negatively affect indoor air quality?

    Ductwork is oftentimes a hotbed for airborne contaminants. With a ductless installation, Town and Country, households improve indoor air quality (IAQ), especially those suffering from allergy and asthma.

    "Ductless installation’s suit homeowners, who are rebuilding or constructing a new property in Town and Country. Ductless mini split heat pumps also provide homeowners additional living space, because there's no ductwork to factor in the design.

    What types of Town and Country properties are compatible for a ductless system?

    Any residential property in Town and Country designed with a lengthy or intricate ventilation system is incompatible for a ductless mini split heat pump. However, a ductless system is ideal in homes using separate air-conditioning units, new additions and households with poor air flow.

    What other parts comprise a ductless system?

    A ductless system includes three primary parts:

    An indoor unit is one component of the ductless mini split system. It can be mounted either on a ceiling or wall, each room manages its temperature via ductless system.

    A ductless heating and air-conditioning system connects to one outdoor unit.

    And to fine tune each room’s temperature, the ductless system also connects to a remote controller.

    Please contact Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011 or to read more about the various parts of a ductless split system, please visit our resource pages at



    When Sunset Hills' residential property owners call Hoffmann Brothers, it's often for air conditioner (AC) maintenance, an emergency AC replacement or to amend other indoor air quality services. What many homeowners don't know--is that Sunset Hills’ preferred contractor for AC provides an extensive menu of professional contractor services.

    “We know that good help is hard to find. Fortunately, Sunset Hills residents can rely on us for other household services calls,” declares a customer service representative of the local air-conditioning company.

    Where to Schedule Other Household Services in Sunset Hills?

    Many Sunset Hills residential property owners prefer the convenience of relying on one entrusted contractor to provide expert service. In Sunset Hills, that expert would be Hoffmann Brothers.

    Bathroom + Kitchen Remodeling

    There's no remodeling kitchen or bathroom project to large or small for Hoffmann Brothers. Even though, the air-conditioning contractor contributes to major commercial buildings and developments in southeast Missouri, Hoffmann Brothers is a trusted contractor for bathtubs and bathroom faucets, garbage disposals and water treatment.


    Water line replacements, plumbing inspections, and back flow water device testing, is a short list of the Sunset Hills plumber services.

    Water heater service

    From draining a conventional gas water heater, replacing a hot-water tank to designing a tankless water heating system, Hoffmann Brothers is a licensed water-heating specialist, serving Sunset Hills residents.

    “Although we service any type of water heating brand (GE, Rheem, AO, Bosch AO Smith, Bradford White, Whirlpool, Rinnai, Paloma, Kenmore, and more) we endorse only the best: Noritz and State hot-water heaters.

    Read more about these premier water heating products:


    Geothermal heating and cooling systems.

    Energy tax credits afford up to 60% annual savings in energy costs associated with air-conditioning and heating the house and water supply. Hoffmann Brothers is also an ENERGY STAR certified, preferred contractor for Sunset Hills’ homeowners.

    Stash this discount coupon for your next house all in Sunset Hills residents.


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